Training for Female Peacekeepers

Aug 22, 2011

Female police officers from close to 60 nations are in Lexington for training.  Among them are officers with the United Nations police division.  U-N gender officer Lea Biason says some of the training is for international peacekeepers. “These are the minimum requirement skills needed for police officers to be deployed in international peace keeping operations,” said Biason.

Biason says classes offered this week by the International Association of Women Police cover language, firearms, and driving.  She says the U-N hopes to see the ratio of women participating in peacekeeping operations reach 20 percent by 2014.

“We increased to about two percent.  We’re halfway there at ten percent.  So we are here at the IAWP as part of our drive to interest female officers to come and serve in peace keeping operations,”added Biason.

Biason says completion of training this week doesn’t assure a spot in peace keeping police work.