Train Derailment Forces Evacuation of 34 Homes

Oct 29, 2012

Eight rail cars of a 39-car Paducah and Louisville train derailed early today in extreme southwest Jefferson County forcing the evacuation of 34 homes in the vicinity of Abbotts Beach Road and Katherine Station Road. At least one of the derailed cars resulted in a chemical leak into the air and a Level 3 Hazmat Alert has been issued. That's the highest level of hazmat alert.

Officials on the scene told WAVE-TV in Louisville that the evacuation will last at least 24 hours and could be as long as 72 hours before evacuees could return home.

An area of a one-mile radius around the derailment has been evacuated. Residents within a two-mile radius have been told to stay indoors in their homes, reported.

The leaking car was hauling butadiene, a flammable, colorless gas. The other derailed cars contained other chemicals, the TV station reported, but they are not thought to be leaking. The train derailed just before 6:30 this morning. The derailment is near Ohio Valley Dragway.