Tourism Gains Down the Track

Jul 17, 2011

Repairs to a railroad which cuts through the heart of a scenic central Kentucky town is sure to cause some disruption.   But, it’s the view ‘down the track’ which excites business owners who cater to tourists. Railroad crossing repairs along four streets in Midway is expected to snarl traffic over the next couple of weeks.  Each crossing will be impassible for a couple days while it’s upgraded.  It’s inconvenient, but Mary Thoresen of Damselfly Gallery says it’s important to look at the big picture.

“I think the long term gain far outweighs any short term loss,” said Thoresen.

The R-J Corman Railroad Company will construct a second,parallel track through downtown Midway.  It’s the return of a second track that pleases retailers.  Leslie Pen of the Historic

Midway Museum Store says it’s kind of like ‘going back to the future.

“Now of course the track was torn out in the 50’s.  There were originally two tracks there.  So it’s really going back to the 50’s before then when there were two tracks out there.  It’s kind of like we’re going back in time, but we’re still moving with a positive way,” said Pen.

Pen and Thoresen are pinning their hopes on a dinner train that’s been proposed by the railroad.  There’s even been talk of a commuter train through Midway.  Mayor Tom Bozarth admits a commuter line is a long shot.

“I think a commuter train is a longer range plan for reality to go from Winchester to Louisville because of the distance of a hundred miles.  I think there are a lot of things that they have to work out,” added Bozarth.

Bozarth, Thorsen, Pen and many other residents agree that any developmen twhich brings more people to Midway is a good thing.  The mayor says work on the secondary track should get underway in January.  He says it will probably take a couple of months to complete.