Time is Runninng Out to Register to Vote in Kentucky Primary

Apr 16, 2018

The deadline to register to vote in Kentucky’s May 22 primary is next Monday. The ballot will be crowded with county offices, every seat in the state House, half of the state Senate, Congressional races, and some judicial races. Secretary of 
State Alison Lundergan Grimes said mid-term elections usually result in strong voter turnout.

"Many folks think the presidential election is where turnout is the highest, but it's actually our county election year that we're in right now where turnout is the highest," she said.

Grimes said she’s optimistic that the activism among teachers and other state workers during this year’s legislative session will translate into high turnout at the polls. Grimes said she hopes turnout in Kentucky’s primary election will be just as large as the ballot. .

"My hope is that we see the civic engagement that has been demonstrated here at the Capitol turned into action on election day. Energy doesn't win elections, people do."

Kentuckians can register to vote or update their information online at GoVoteKY.com or do so in person at country clerks’ offices across the state. The deadline to change party affiliation for the primary election has already passed.