Tile in the Bluegrass

Sep 18, 2011

A national tile company is completing a move from the Sunshine State to the Bluegrass State.  Florida Tile will expand its corporate headquarters, which are in Lexington.  25 new hires will handing information technology, marketing and financial services.  It’s expected to grow to 50 over the next several years.  Florida Tile also has a factory and distribution center in Lawrenceburg that employs over 100 workers.  These days, marketing director Sean Cilona says they’re making large porcelain tiles for commercial businesses.

“That kind of trickles down to higher end residential construction and then eventually a few years later it just rolls into normal residential construction,” Cilona.

Cilona says the Kentucky plant sends tiles all across the country.  He says a new production line will start up next spring.

 “We’re actually putting in a new production line as we speak and then later on in the spring, we’re going to be adding a new kiln so we’re really going to increase our production capacity by about 30 percent,” added Cilona.

Cilona says the expansion means the hiring of several people at the factory and a nearby distribution center.