Thank You, Liane, You Kept Our Sundays Warm

May 28, 2011



The word warm usually precedes Liane Hansen's name the way sultry precedes Gina Lollabrigida. Liane's been the voice of Sunday morning - thoughtful, interesting, and, yes, warm - for the past 22 years. She steps down after her last show tomorrow. Even as we keep her as a friend, we'll miss our weekly Sunday morning get-togethers over news, music, good talk and that damn puzzle.

Radio is a distinctly personal medium, especially in the morning; weekend mornings maybe even more so. Our voices slip into beds, bathrooms and even a few dreams. We have to make ourselves welcome in the most private places. Nobody does that more gracefully than Liane.

She's been affable with the insufferable, and exacting with the overbearing. She's let us know that curious, intelligent people can care about both industrial economic policy and Lady Gaga.

Liane's going off to live by the beach. The millions of listeners who have come to consider her a friend should be told they're right. Liane has looked out for us for 22 years; putting her heart, mind and soul into a show that people cherish for lighting up the week. Send us a postcard, Liane - and use sunscreen.

(Soundbite of Beach Boys instumental)

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