Tempur-Pedic Expands Headquarters

Despite a stalled economic recovery and shaky consumer spending, one Lexington company is expanding its global headquarters. Their products may be meant to put you to sleep, but the CEO of Tempur-Pedic says his company is doing anything but lying down. 

"In this horrible recession that we're all going through, we grew 33 percent last year," Mark Sarvary said. 

The CEO reminded the audience at today's groundbreaking just how global the Lexington-based company has become - with locations in the UK, Japan, and Russia to name a few. But today's announcement will mean at least 65 more jobs in Lexington. 

"We've got a great team of people here in our Lexington offices. We've been able to recruit great people to come and join us here because people really enjoy living in this part of the country. We know that by having a great building in a great area, it's going to be able to attract even more people," Sarvary said. 

The project is slated for completion in December 2012.