Telecom Deregulation Attracting Crowds and Critics

Mar 13, 2014


A telecommunications deregulation bill before the Kentucky General Assembly is continuing to attract a crowd.  Dozens were on hand for the hearing in Frankfort Thursday.  Much attention has focused on the potential impact the measure may have on land line phone service. 

 Mary Love of Oldham County testified in opposition to the bill,  "I still think the bill is a bad idea.  There's nothing in the present P-S-C rules that would forbid A-T and T from going ahead and doing what they're wanting to do in terms of extending broadband.” Bill Sponsor Paul Hornback says regulations dating back to the mid 1930's are hampering telecommunication businesses from moving forward.  He believes his legislation could help attract business to both urban and rural areas of the state.  Hornback is confident phone companies won't be about the business of tearing out lines. "The companies are not gonna come in and take down all the land lines, I mean that's just another expense.  For new business, new residential, there may be a change, if the competition is there and if the service is adequate," said Hornback. The Senate bill moves on to the full House for its consideration.​