TED Conference in Lexington

Oct 21, 2011

The annual Technology, Entertainment, Design conference, better known as TED, has expanded its reach around the globe in recent years - and that includes Lexington. Josh James attended this year's event and filed this report.  "Here was my seemingly obvious eureka. I don't know when it happened..." Dr. Dorothy Edwards, author of the Green Dot Violence Prevention Strategy, is speaking to a crowd at the Kentucky Theatre today, spreading her ideas at the second annual TEDxLex.

 Kent Lewis is the man behind the event. 

"We've had orthopedic surgeons. We've had a great hip hop dance team. We've got pharmacists. We've got game playing," he said. 

At TEDxLex, as with similar events around the country, the goal is to expose the audience to different voices and viewpoints, though sometimes the variety itself can be overwhelming. 

"Sometimes people don't come to event because they don't see anybody they know, but that's the whole point. The whole point of TED is that you're finding people who are doing amazing things that you would not normally know," Lewis says. 

Despite a turnout comparable to last year's meeting, Lewis says hopes to grow the event in 2012.