Taxes and Fireworks in that Order at City Hall

Aug 13, 2012

Lexington city leaders come back after a summer break with a taxing issue on their minds.  Besides setting property tax rates, council members will seek funds for street lights.  Those funds now come from an increased tax on utilities.  Now, Vice Mayor Linda Gorton says they might reverse that tax increase and increase the city’s streetlight tax.

“It depends a lot on whether we choose to increase the streetlight tax, If we do, then some of that franchise fee could be rolled back,” said Gorton.

Gorton says the council has a history of keeping the property taxes relatively flat.    Gorton says council members might also review restrictions it recently placed on fireworks.

In the spring of 20-11, the state widened the door to fireworks… allowing more powerful pyrotechnics capable of flight.  After complaint from residents, Lexington leaders last fall put a curfew on fireworks.  Judging from the hundreds of emails sent this summer to city, Vice Mayor Gorton says the time restrictions didn’t help much..

“One of the things I think will be discussed is whether, whether or not we ought to go back and not allow those fireworks that shoot up in the air and make all the loud noise,” added Gorton.

Gorton says the fireworks discussion is set for next week.