Tax Talk at Lexington City Hall

Aug 15, 2012

Property taxes in Fayette County will remain unchanged.  The city council stuck with tradition and voted Tuesday to keep the rates at their current level.  Given Lexington’s fiscal troubles, outgoing council member Doug Martin was disappointed with the action.  “I think it is irresponsible to leave these rates alone, knowing what we know about the financial storm that is headed for this city,” said Martin.  Martin has repeatedly expressed concerns about the ever growing cost of police and fire fighter pensions.  Council member Kevin Stinnett argued a tax increase would be hasty.

“We are trying to do the best we can.  This is not something you bring to council the first day back and say, ‘Aw let’s just raise these up and that will solve it.  Let’s look at the way to better do our system first before we go charging citizens more taxes,” said Stinnett.

Tuesday was the council’s first day back after a month long summer recess.