Tax Sale in Fayette County

Jun 22, 2011

Unless delinquent property taxes are paid soon, Fayette County will sell that debt to a third party.  If those third party purchasers cannot collect those back taxes debt from property owners, then they may face foreclosure.   Property taxes were due the end of December and a tax sale takes place July 22nd. County Clerk Land Records Manager Linda Potter says landowners face a higher bill if they wait until their tax bill gets into the hands of a third party buyer.

“They do have to pay more to the third parties.  It can be anywhere like from a hundred dollars to almost doubling the tax bill,” said Potter.

Fayette county property owners were assessed over 22-million dollars in taxes last year.  Potter says about 15 percent of that money was not paid by the deadline.   Those who haven’t paid yet, may have to deal with out of state firms.

You can’t walk into someone’s office that’s in Texas or in northern Kentucky or in Nebraska.  You know you can’t go see your local official.  They couldn’t come in and see Don Blevins.  They can’t go down to the county attorney’s office and see Larry Roberts,” added Potter.      

The total number of delinquent tax bills this year is some 600 less than a year ago.  Potter believes the figure is lower because individuals hope to avoid the higher costs levied by third party purchasers.