Tax Reform Questions

Nov 14, 2011


The fast approaching 2012 Kentucky General Assembly session will likely include items leftover from the just completed governor’s race.  Both gubernatorial candidates agreed on the need for tax reform, but disagreed on the timing.  Governor Beshear wants to wait until the  economy improves, but, Senate President David William proposed immediate action.  It’s not a new topic. For years, Fayette County lawmaker Bill Farmer has urged lawmakers to consider tax reforms.

“And the first thing we’ve got to talk about is how much of tax reform are we gonna do…are we gonna look at comprehensive where we get everything out there…and go back and look at house bill 44 from 19 when ever…when they got all that stuff…are we gonna take property taxes and put those on the table,” said Farmer.

Farmer argues any real discussion on tax reform among key lawmakers has not yet been held.  He’s hoping it could happen this winter, when the General Assembly goes to work on a new state budget