Tax Panel Completes State Tour

Aug 22, 2012

They’ve heard from citizens across the state, so now members of a tax reform panel must make recommendations.  The sixth and final public hearing by the Governor’s Task Force on Tax Reform was held Tuesday in Lexington.  Lexington council member George Meyers predicts state lawmakers will make tax changes this time.

“I think that there’s enough movement and enough inertia across the entire commonwealth that, yes, this time something’s gonna happen,” said Meyers.

The panel’s toured the Commonwealth…gathering comment on tax reform.  Lexington council member George Meyers says such reforms should allow taxpayers to enact new, local taxes.  He believes there would be local support for such levies.

“What it is is people favoring tax money coming back home to do specific projects that result in economic development, the creation of jobs and a better quality of life for the people who live in Lexington-Fayette County,” added Meyers.

Meyers cites Oklahoma City where citizens have approved local taxes for several specific projects.  He says they’ve funded school buses, a baseball stadium, and a river walk.