Superintendent Vows Transparent Decisions

In his 15th day on the job, new Fayette County Public Schools superintendent Tom Shelton spoke to some of the area's business leaders Thursday at an event hosted by Commerce Lexington.  Shelton comes to Fayette County after serving as superintendent in Daviess County. Shelton says he's working on building a strong relationship with the Board of Education, and will have visited all 56 district schools by the end of the week.

"I'm going to be very transparent with this community. Every decision that I make will be open for consideration, discussion, and I want that open collaboration between all of us."

Shelton also spoke about closing student achievement gaps.

"We have to have parents engaged and involved in our schools. We have to have the community involved and engaged in our schools. We need to make sure that students know what our expectations are and those expectations need to be the same at home, the same in the schools, and the same throughout our community."

The superintendent stressed the need for equity in education. Shelton is in Phase Two of a 100 day entry plan he set for himself. The plan includes hearing from students, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders, specifically about about six open-ended questions. They include what Fayette County should consider changing and what the district is doing well.

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