Summertime Road Repairs

May 16, 2011

Highway construction is typically considered a part of the summer season.   This year is expected to be no different.  There are a number of projects in central Kentucky either underway or about to begin.  One which will begin in early June is the re-configuration of the Harrodsburg road-New circle interchange. 

It’s called a diverging diamond.  State transportation cabinet spokeswoman Natasha Lacy says traffic will be shut down in both directions on Harrodsburg road on two weekends.

“We will give suggested detours to the public so they will be able to take the detours to their designated area that they’re driving to,” said Lacy.

The summer season also typically means a time to make road and bridge repairs.

“We always have maintenance work that takes place on the Clays Ferry bridge, on interstate 75 south, and of course, repairs for potholes.  That’s ongoing,” added Lacy.

If not Harrodsburg road, there are a number of other projects planned this summer. She says that includes widening of interstate 64 near Winchester and work on the Paris by pass.