Summer Books 2011: The Complete List

Use the list below to browse NPR's Summer Books 2011 recommendations. Each critic's list is presented separately. Click on the article names to read our critics' comments about the books.

'Indie Booksellers Target Summer's Best Reads'
Recommended by Lucia Silva, Portrait of a Bookstore

The Great Night, by Chris Adrian, hardcover, 304 pages, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, list price: $26

The Ada Poems, by Cynthia Zarin, hardcover, 80 pages, Knopf, list price: $25

The Family Fang, by Kevin Wilson, hardcover, 320 pages, Ecco, list price: $23.99

The Sisters Brothers, by Patrick DeWitt, hardcover, 336 pages, Ecco, list price: $23.88

A Moment In The Sun, by John Sayles, hardcover, 968 pages, McSweeney's, list price: $29

Recommended by Daniel Goldin, Boswell Book Co.

The Sorcerer's Apprentices: A Season In The Kitchen At Ferran Adria's elBulli , by Lisa Abend, hardcover, 304 pages, Free Press, list price: $26

My Korean Deli: Risking It All For A Convenience Store, by Ben Ryder Howe, hardcover, 320 pages, Henry Holt and Co., list price: $25

Ex Libris: The Art Of Bookplates, by Kevin Wilson, paperback, 112 pages, Yale University Press, list price: $15

The Solitude Of Prime Numbers, by Paolo Giordano, hardcover, 288 pages, Pamela Dorman Books, list price: $25.95

Wingshooters, by Nina Revoyr, paperback, 230 pages, Akashic Books, list price: $15.95

My American Unhappiness, by Dean Bakopoulos, paperback, 288 pages, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, list price: $24

Recommended by Rona Brinlee, The BookMark

You Know When The Men Are Gone, by Siobhan Fallon, hardcover, 227 pages, Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam, list price: $23.95

22 Britannia Road, by Amanda Hodgkinson, hardcover, 336 pages, Pamela Dorman Books, list price: $26.95

World Without Fish, by Mark Kurlansky, illustrated by Frank Stockton, hardcover, 192 pages, Workman Publishing Company, list price: $16.95

Swamplandia!, by Karen Russell, hardcover, 320 pages, Knopf, list price: $24.95

The Poison Tree, by Erin Kelly, hardcover, 336 pages, Pamela Dorman Books, list price: $26.95

Books Preview: Spotting Summer's High Fliers
Recommended by Rachel Syme

State of Wonder, by Ann Patchett, hardcover, 353 pages, Harper, list price: $26.99

Demon Fish: Travels Through The Hidden World of Sharks, by Juliet Eilperin, hardcover, 320 pages, Pantheon, list price: $26.95

Before I Go To Sleep, by S.J. Watson, hardcover, 368 pages, Harper, list price: $25.99

The Storm at the Door, by Stefan Merrill Block, hardcover, 368 pages, Random House, list price: $25

Bright's Passage: A Novel, by Josh Ritter, hardcover, 208 pages, The Dial Press, list price: $22

Once Upon a River, by Bonnie Jo Campbell, hardcover 348 pages, W.W. Norton, list price: $25.95

The Kid, by Sapphire, hardcover, 384 pages, Penguin Press, list price: $25.95

Turn of Mind, by Alice LaPlante, hardcover, 320 pages, Atlantic Monthly Press, list price: $24

The Last Werewolf, by Glen Duncan, hardcover, 304 pages, Knopf, list price: $25.95

Sex On The Moon: The Amazing Story Behind The Most Audacious Heist In History, by Ben Mezrich, hardcover, 320 pages, Doubleday, list price: $26.95

Supergods: What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, And A Sun God From Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human, by Grant Morrison, hardcover, 464 pages,s Spiegel & Grau, list price: $28

Northwest Corner: A Novel, by John Burnham Schwartz, hardcover, 304 pages, Random House, list price: $26

Skyjack: The Hunt For D.B. Cooper, by Geoffrey Gray, hardcover, 352 pages, Crown, list price: $25

Ghosts In The Wires: My Adventures As The World's Most Wanted Hacker, by Kevin Mitnick, hardcover, 432 pages, Little, Brown and Company, list price: $25.99

Anatomy Of A Disappearance, by Hisham Matar, hardcover, 240 pages, The Dial Press, list price: $22

Crime Fiction Picks Serve Up Summertime Suspense
Recommended by Maureen Corrigan

The Snowman, by Jo Nesbo, translated by Don Bartlett, hardcover, 393 pages, Knopf, list price: $25.95

Among The Missing, by Morag Joss, hardcover, 260 pages, Delacourte, list price: $25

What You See In The Dark, by Matthew Munoz, hardcover, 251 pages, Algonquin Books, list price: $23.95

Save Me, by Lisa Scottoline, hardcover, 384 pages, St. Martin's, list price: $27.99

A Drop Of That Hard Stuff, by Lawrence Block, hardcover, 320 pages, Little, Brown and Co., list price: $25.99

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