Sturdier Modular Homes for Rural Kentucky

Mar 14, 2012

A local architect says it’s no coincidence that some of the worst storm damage in Eastern Kentucky occurred to people in mobile homes.  Michael Jacobs, with Omni Architects in Lexington, says his firm is working with the UK College of Design, Kentucky Highlands Corporation, and others, on a major project that could eventually bring sturdier, more affordable, and energy-efficient housing to rural areas of the state.

“We have looked at prototype housing and we have built two, two-bedroom homes that have been recently opened; one is in Wayne county, the other is in Whitley county, and the concept is to be in a position, not necessarily to do relief housing or emergency housing like FEMA housing, or like a trailer, but to begin to have or leverage the advantage of modular homes.”

Those prototype modular homes were manufactured at Stardust Cruisers, a formerly shuttered houseboat factory in Monticello, Kentucky. 

Jacobs says a similar project still in the talking stages involves manufacturing temporary housing kits that could be quickly transported to disaster areas.

“What we are looking at is a single family house that would be panelized, and so you could call it a kit apart.  And all of the elements of a house would fit into two containers and they could be deployed throughout Kentucky or even beyond our state borders.  Once we put it into containers we can take advantage of our rail and truck systems and deploy these almost anywhere.  They come basically with a set of instructions and are ready to go.”

Jacobs says all of the materials in the kits would come from Kentucky-based manufacturers; providing a boost to the state and local economy.