Students Providing Some Suggestions

Jan 30, 2012

Members of Kentucky’s newly named student council expect to wrestle with more than just academics.  For example, the high school students will also consider lifestyle issues.  When the inaugural Next Generation Student Council meets on February 28th, among its 11 members will be Iman Ali .  Ali, who’s a junior at Pikeville High School, says the council should consider ways in which schools can improve their learning environments.

“Something you know I’ve noticed even at my school is just stress…what stress can do to kids..teenagers have to balance so much stuff… with part time jobs, extracurricular clubs, sports, and then homework…you know…stress can get the best of us,” said Ali.

Ali believes the new student council offers the opportunity for good solid interaction within the group and with state education administrators.

“And I feel like we can really get down to the nitty gritty stuff of helping students across Kentucky and really knowing what they need.  You know what I mean?  I feel like that will really help Kentucky overall at an educational level,” added Ali.

By and large, Ali says academic performance tests don’t put too much stress on students.  The Next Generation Student Council was created by the Education Commissioner and is designed to offer advice to the state board of education.