Students Prepare for Vice Presidential Candidates

Oct 1, 2012

It’s an ‘all hands on deck’ situation at Centre College as the Danville school prepares for its second Vice Presidential Debate.  The one and only vice presidential get-together is one week from this Thursday.  Student Government Association President Patrick Cho says they’ve put out a call for help.  “The reaction from students has been, how can I help?   And a lot of these jobs are not very glamorous.  They’re checking ID’s and all the rest of it.  Still, students really want to be involved,” said Cho.

Cho’s glad both presidential tickets have given some attention to student debt.   He says that’s the most pressing matter for many college students today.  The upcoming debate at Centre College has some students looking at national politics in a different way.  Cho says next week’s debate has revived their interest.

“The nice thing about Centre being able to host it I think it’s a nice opportunity people to examine their values and what their interest is in politics.  I know a lot of students have taken a real interest in the issues in the election because we’re hosting the debate,” added Cho.

The Vice Presidential contest is set for nine o-clock on Thursday evening, October 11th.  That morning, WEKU broadcasts from Danville…talking with national and international reporters covering the presidential campaign