Students to Learn about Alcohol in Federally-funded Summer Program

Feb 27, 2014


A 350 thousand dollar federal grant will allow scores of undergraduate students to participate in alcohol-related research over the next five summers.  The announcement of the new Summer Training in Alcohol Research or STAR program came yesterday at the University of Kentucky.  

UK Department of Psychology Professor Mark Prendergast says, as part of the program, students will learn about various aspects of alcohol and its effects, “They range from cellular work of alcohol effects on nerve cells causing brain damage to survey-based research that studies the effects of parental alcohol use on children’s psychological well being."

The grant from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism will make it possible for 55 students from across the state to participate in ten-week summer internships at UK.  

Pharmaceutical Sciences Professor Kim Nixon says it’s appropriate to offer such a program since many Kentuckians are feeling the negative effects of alcohol abuse, “Over 30 percent of us in our lifetime will face an alcohol use disorder.  If you look at your neighbor, look at your neighbor, one of you has a family member with an alcohol use disorder.  That’s how broad this problem is."

Students participating in the STAR program will earn four thousand dollar stipends.