Student Safety Issues a Priority of UK Student Government President Elect

Apr 3, 2014


The University of Kentucky's incoming student government president expects security issues to get top priority during his term.  Mechanical Engineering student Jacob Ingram, who takes over the top student body post in mid April, says student safety off campus needs to improve.  

"The big concern that I've heard this year throughout my time in student government has been about off campus safety, so how can we extend the safety protection, the feeling of being safe from campus out to where students are living," says Ingram.

The University of Kentucky student government president elect would like to reach out for more corporate support.  Ingram would like to see more corporate investment in student organizations.  Still, he says it's not all about finances.  

"It's not just about giving student organizations money.  It's about the actual leadership development and development of the organizations as they continue to grow," said Ingram. "You know, we have more than 500 different registered student organizations and I'm not necessarily as interested in growing that number, but growing the quality within that."

Ingram will be sworn in as a member of the UK Board of Trustees in early summer.