Student Prep for Vice Presidential Debate

Jul 31, 2012

In ten weeks, political observers will focus their gaze on Danville.  Centre College hosts a second vice presidential debate…its first was 12 years ago.   Last  night on Kentucky Educational Television, Lucas Weton ,who’s president of the Centre College Republicans, says they learned a lot from that first debate.  “This is the second time going around at Danville with the debate.  So, I think some things will go smoother, some things we’re seen before.  But, of course, this is gonna be in the post nine-eleven era,” said Weton.  Centre College Democrats President David Miller believes his college town provides just the right setting for the historic event.

“Danville is the picturesque town if you’re talking about middle class America.  It’s got a small college that hosts 12 hundred students that are there for nine months out of the year.  It’s got a thriving downtown community.  It’s got a thriving business community.  And it’s has a thriving political community,” said Miller.

Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to participate in the Centre debate.  Meanwhile, Republican nominee Mitt Romney is expected to name his running mate before next month’s G-O-P national convention.