Stomach Virus on the Move

Sep 24, 2012

A stomach virus is making its way through some Fayette County Schools.  Health officials suggest spending a little more time over the sink.  It’s not hand to hand combat when it comes to fighting a stomach bug.  It’s soapy hands over the sink which offers the best protection.  Kevin Hall, with the Fayette County Health Department, says a quick squirt of a hand sanitizer might not do the trick.

“Hand sanitizers are very popular these days, but they are just not enough in fighting this illness, so we need the kids to use soap and water for at least 20 seconds and this is really important after a child uses the toilet,” said Hall.

The stomach virus leads to vomiting, diarrhea, and cramps, and typically last for two to three days.  Hall adds it’s not really a seasonal illness.

“Well it’s just one of the times that these could spread is when school is in session because kids are in confined quarter.  They share a lot of the same books and equipment.  And so, it’s a lot easier for things to get spread that way.  It’s not really a seasonal concern.  It just you see it rise more often when school is in session,” added Hall.

Hall says the stomach virus is spread through hand to hand contact.  That makes a school a perfect setting for transmission of the bug.