Still Studying Downtown Traffic Flow in Lexington

Apr 16, 2013

There’s still no consensus among Lexington leaders over changing traffic flow in downtown.  Another study into converting some one-way streets to two-way travel is in progress.  Vice Mayor Linda Gorton says it remains an issue up for debate. “There’s still lots of answers that we need and I don’t want people in the public to think ‘this is a done deal because I don’t believe it is,” said Gorton

.Until the study’s complete, councilmember Kevin Stinnett says there will be no decision. “And I think you’re at a 50-50 in this community issue and 50 percent will be upset if we do it and 50 percent will be upset if we don’t do it,” added Stinnett. When the last study was done in 2007, Council member Diane Lawless says downtown Lexington was a lot different. “Main Street and Vine Street are like speedways, especially in the evenings.  I mean people have been killed and I’m surprised more haven’t,” said Lawless. Proponents of a change to two way argue it would enhance safety and improve traffic flow through downtown.  Scott Shapiro, who’s an adviser to Lexington’s mayor, says other communities have increased downtown activity by eliminating some one-way streets. The latest study should be released this fall.  The streets under consideration for a change back to two way traffic  include Upper, Short, Second, Main, Vine, and High.