State Warns Consumers About Fake GED Tests

Apr 9, 2012

Kentucky Adult Education, a unit of the Council on Postsecondary Education, issued a consumer alert Monday regarding fraudulent websites claiming to offer high school and GED diplomas for a fee through the Internet.
“Kentuckians need to know there is one way to earn a GED credential and that is through a test administered onsite at an Official GED Testing Center,” Reecie Stagnolia, vice president for Kentucky Adult Education, said in a press release from the state.

Only a state may issue the GED test credential. The GED tests are not available online as claimed on these websites. The exam, which takes more than seven hours to complete, is administered only at Official GED Testing Centers.

Many of the same misleading websites also offer GED instruction for a fee. Kentucky Adult Education offers free instruction online through local adult education centers and offers classes in every Kentucky county. For a limited time, Kentuckians can also take advantage of free GED testing.

The GED test consists of a series of five tests that measure achievement in subject areas associated with a high school program of study. The GED Testing Service, the provider of these tests, has strict policies regarding test administration.

Nearly 800,000 adults across the country take the GED test each year on their path to better jobs, training and education. In 2010-11, Kentucky Adult Education awarded 10,294 GED credentials.

The GED Testing Service® has created the first online repository where educators and test-takers can get assistance in spotting a suspicious claim. The site has a list of fraudulent websites, information about how to determine legitimate accreditation, and an area to report suspected fraud. Visit to learn more and read the press release.

For more information on taking free classes and taking the GED for free through June 30, 2012, visit