State Park Lodges Celebrate 50th Anniversaries

Sep 14, 2012

CARROLLTON – Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson, his wife, Madeline, and the Kentucky State Parks kicked off a series of celebrations Friday as General Butler State Resort Park and five other resort parks commemorated the 50th anniversary of the opening of their lodges. “Several generations of Kentuckians and out-of-state guests have enjoyed these resorts since 1962,” Abramson said in a park system news release. “These are great places for families to visit and I’m proud to be able to help these six Kentucky State Resort Parks celebrate this milestone.”

The six park lodges celebrating their 50th anniversaries this year are: General Butler in Carrollton; Rough River Dam at Falls of Rough; Lake Cumberland at Jamestown; Carter Caves at Olive Hill, Kentucky Dam Village at Gilbertsville and Jenny Wiley at Prestonsburg. Each park is celebrating during a weekend in September and October with special events.

A state park expansion project took place during the term of Gov. Bert Combs, who opened the six lodges in 1962.

“Many of our state parks, including General Butler, received support from their local communities, businesses and citizens,” Parks Commissioner Elaine Walker said. “We still get support today from these communities and look forward to many more years of hosting our guests at these fine lodges.”

The park system, founded in 1924, now has 17 resort parks with lodges and restaurants. Most also have cottages as well as meeting areas, conference centers, picnic areas and recreational opportunities.

Here is a schedule with the dates for the celebration weekends for each of the six parks:

General Butler State Resort Park, Carrollton: Sept. 14-15
Rough River Dam State Resort Park, Falls of Rough: Sept. 21-22
Lake Cumberland State Resort Park, Jamestown: Sept. 28-29
Carter Caves State Resort Park, Olive Hill: Oct. 5-6
Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park, Gilbertsville: Oct. 12-13
Jenny Wiley State Resort Park, Prestonsburg, Oct. 19-20