State Furlough Days Unlikely in 2012

Jun 10, 2011

FRANKFORT — Based on a strong General Fund tax revenue trend for fiscal year 2011, Gov. Steve Beshear announced Friday afternoon that it appears no furloughs for state employees will be necessary in 2012.  “I am pleased to see that revenues continue to improve beyond budgeted expectations," Beshear said in a press release from his office. "It appears that we will end the current fiscal year with unexpected funds, though the amount, of course, won’t be known until we close the books after June 30.

"The May revenue report gives us additional hope that the revenue outlook for next fiscal year may improve beyond budgeted levels as well. Therefore, at this time no furlough days for state employees will be scheduled for Fiscal Year 2012.

"We will continue to evaluate whether any furloughs will be necessary to balance the $169 million budgeted gap in the fiscal year 2012 budget when we have updated revenue projections; however, if things continue as they are going now, they will be unnecessary.

"My sincere thanks goes to all state employees for their sacrifice. Nearly every state employee took these days regardless of position, including me. This sacrifice saved over 400 state jobs and helped us balance our budget despite incredibly difficult financial times, and it will not soon be forgotten. I join state employees as well as all Kentuckians in looking forward to a more robust economy.”