State Funds of $75,000 Will Stabilize, Support Dover Covered Bridge

Sep 14, 2017

Credit Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

State transportation funds of $75,000 will be used to stabilize and support a historic Kentucky bridge damaged by floodwaters this summer.

More substantial repairs will be done later on Mason County’s Dover Covered Bridge.

A July flash flood severely damaged the historic wooden bridge when thunderstorms dumped more than seven inches of rain across the region.  Lee Creek rose out of its banks.  Two 12,000 pound steel support beams for the bridge were washed away.

State Transportation Spokesman Allen Blair says stabilizing work should be done in the coming weeks.  He says more substantial repairs will require more study, partly because of the historic nature of the structure. 

Although open to traffic before the July storm, the bridge will remain closed to vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists until further notice.  The Dover Covered Bridge dates back to 1835 when the 61 foot crossing opened as a toll bridge.