With a State Funding Plan in Place, Lexington Road Work Can Begin

Apr 17, 2014

Credit lexingtonky.gov

Now that the Kentucky General Assembly has acted on a state road plan, individual communities are preparing for construction crews.  The spring through fall period is traditionally road building season. 

In Lexington, State Transportation Department Spokeswoman Natasha Lacy says two major interchanges will be redone.  "And we will be looking down the road at the reconstruction of New Circle Road and Versailes and New Circle and Newtown Pike interchanges and those interchanges will be consisting of reconstruction, which will be similar to the existing interchanges that are there now," said Lacy.

Most Lexington motorists are familiar with the unique double crossover interchange found at New Circle and Harrodsburg roads.  Although, these two projects on the state list are not double crossover in nature, the engineering strategy could still be used at future sites in Lexington.  Lacy says motorists won't necessarily see a lot more dust flying than previous highway construction seasons.   "I don't think you can say it's any more.  It might be equivalent to what the past years have been, but construction season typically starts from March and continues through early fall.  So during these months, you can expect construction work," explained Lacy.

Lacy says it remains difficult to pin down an exact time frame for these area road projects.  She says the process used to secure a road contractor is underway.