State Audit Questions Kentucky's Ability To Treat Medicaid Patients

Jul 31, 2013

Kentucky State Auditor Adam Edelen
Credit State Auditor's Office, Kentucky

A review has found an 8 percent drop in Medicaid providers in Kentucky since the state moved to a managed care system two years ago. State Auditor Adam Edelen said the decrease raises concerns about Kentucky's ability to provide health care to an additional 300,000 people in a Medicaid expansion next year.

Edelen said the review by his staff also found that rural hospitals are struggling with financial stress put on them by Kentucky's managed care system.

Edelen created a Medicaid Accountability and Transparency Unit in his office last year after receiving widespread complaints about the implementation of managed care for the nearly 790,000 current Medicaid recipients.

Saving tax dollars with a managed care system, Edelen said, shouldn't come at the expense of the health of low-income Kentuckians.