Sporting Art Auction at Keeneland

Mar 26, 2013

An inaugural auction of Sporting Art is planned this fall at Keeneland.  It will feature a wide assortment of paintings and sculptures of equine, hunting, and fishing from the U.S. and England.  The first Sporting Art Auction will follow Keeneland’s fall meet and November sales event.  It will include about 200 artworks from contemporary British and American painters and sculptors.  Keeneland President Bill Thomason says it’ll cap off a busy autumn.

“We’re in development stages still for what it’s all gonna look like when we get there.  How we’re gonna integrate our community and make it a huge community event this November after the November sale,” said Thomason.

The auction collection is being curated by Cross Gate gallery owner Greg Ladd.  Ladd says he’s been busily gathering artworks during trips to Britain, California, and Philadelphia. 

 “We’ve been in business 40 years and it almost gives what you’ve done the last 40 years credibility, the fact that Keeneland would allow me to do something like this.  It’s gonna be a wonderful project.  We can make this the number one sporting art auction in the world without a doubt because we’re in front of the people,” said Ladd.

Keeneland’s portion of the proceeds will benefit non-profit entities like the Keeneland Library Foundation.