'Special Announcement' From Tiger Woods Today? Maybe Not

Jul 11, 2011

This is rather odd.

Many media outlets — except the one on which he's supposed to be appearing — are saying that golfer Tiger Woods will be making a "special announcement" of some kind on The Golf Channel at 11 a.m. ET.

We called The Golf Channel's headquarters in Orlando and all we could get out of them was "stay tuned to see." No confirmation, even, of whether Woods will be on.

Meanwhile, CNN says that Woods' agent swears there's no "announcement" coming.

Supposedly, Woods will talk with the network's Kelly Tilghman, who has interviewed him before.

The secrecy surrounding this supposed surprise has opened the door to speculation, of course.

At NBC Sports' ProGolfTalk blog, they're tossing out possibilities ranging from "he's done for 2011" (which seems very possible) to "he's going to retire" (far-fetched, we think).

Last week, Woods announced that his knee and Achilles tendon injuries would keep him out of this week's British Open. As we wrote then:

He's now 35-years-old and has won 14 "major" tournaments — but none since the 2008 U.S. Open. That was a year before the Thanksgiving 2009 evening when Woods' life exploded on to the tabloids and cable news channels as his extramarital affairs became known.

We'll watch to see what, if any, surprise Woods has.

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