Some Voters Determined to Do Their Duty

Election officials have been predicting low voter turnout for this primary election. But some people -- whether because of their strong belief in civic duty, a voting streak, or because their spouse made them -- found time to cast their ballot Tuesday. Here's what some voters in Lexington had to say, "The leaders will be chosen by the people who care enough to vote."

"I have voted every election since I was eligible an age to vote. Started with Ike Eisenhower for President. And I'm not going to give it up until I can't get here anymore."

"The people that don't show up are the ones that are going to be screaming and yelling the loudest about they don't like what's going on."

"I knew this was going to be a very weak turnout, which doesn't give you an excuse not to come, but we're here."

Most voters heading out to the polls have been Republicans, who are deciding between David Williams, Phil Moffett, and Bobbie Holsclaw for the GOP nomination for governor. Incumbent Governor Steve Beshear has no opposition in the Democratic primary.