Some See A Funny Side To A Shutdown

Apr 8, 2011

We can't dismiss the serious side of a potential shutdown of much of the federal government at midnight tonight. But there is some fun being had on Twitter.

Check the trending topic #govtshutdownpickuplines (fair warning, some are "adult-only"). A few examples:

-- "Are you furloughnsome tonight?"

-- "baby, let's table that resolution"

-- "Baby you're my Continuing Resolution, let me be your rider."

-- "Kiss Me, I'm Essential."

-- "did it hurt when they furloughed you from Heaven?"

Even the more serious trending topic #ifgovernmentshutsdown turns up lines such as these:

-- "I say we all don funny hats and glasses, go down to Times Square and count it down like New Years!!!"

-- "I'm streaking the Washington mall."

-- "Well, I'm going to kind of party like it's 1995!"

As for the professional comedians, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show tweets that his "2011 Shutdown Resolution" is to "finally write that novel."

Have at it, folks. We bet you can do even better. Copyright 2011 National Public Radio. To see more, visit