Solar Powered Health Care

Dec 28, 2011

Part of a health care complez at a central Kentucky hospital will rely on solar power.  Administrators say Rockcastle Regional Hospital is the first hospital in Kentucky to use the sun as an energy source.  The Rockcastle county hospital went on-line with its solar array a few weeks ago.  210 solar modules are positioned on top of the hospital’s Outpatient Services Center.  These units produce enough energy annually to power eight to ten homes.  Rockcastle Regional Hospital C-E-O Steve Estes says the solar panels essentially power the third floor of the Outpatient facility.

“You can probably count on the fingers of one hand, from what I’ve heard, the number of hospitals that have invested in solar power, but I think it’s something that has to come forward because we’re big users of energy,” said Estes.

Steve Estes says the investment fits into the hospital’s mission of creating a healthy community.

The C-E-O sees this as a way for hospitals to offset the problems they create with medical and nuclear waste...

“On that end of the spectrum..we use a lot of resources…and it’s only fair that we kind of turn to look to see what we can do that’s renewable,” added Estes.

Estes says excess power will be sold to Kentucky Utilities.