Snow School Closings

Oct 30, 2012

A Pre-Halloween snowfall in eastern Kentucky has kept thousands of school children home.  The snow comes as a spinoff to Hurricane Sandy.  In Pike County, where classes were canceled Tuesday,  Personnel Director Ralph Kilgore says an October snow day is highly unusual.  “I can remember when I was a young man in school, we had snow and we were practicing football in the snow, but that was back in the 60’s.  That’s been a long time.   Since I’ve been in the school system, I cannot remember calling school off in October, for snow,” said Kilgore.

An official with East Ridge School in Pike County near the Virginia border says about five to six inches of snow fell in that area.  Kilgore, who was principal for four years at East Ridge, says it’s not unusual see snow at higher elevations, but have none in Pikeville.

We have a lot of geography to cover.  Our school buses run approximately 14 thousand miles a day.  It’s over different types of terrain.  So, it’s a major task to take care of the logistics to get children to and from school,” added Kilgore.

Kilgore says they have some 94 hundred students in East Ridge High School near the Virginia line, which was closed today.  Last year’s mild winter had students heading home for summer vacation in mid May.  But, even with this pre-Halloween snow day, Kilgore says it’s hard to say it’s an indication of rough winter weather ahead.