Smoke, The Donkey, Is Now On Twitter, Facebook

May 17, 2011

As has happened with the Bronx Zoo cobra and, more recently, its peacock, Smoke, the donkey that befriended U.S. marines in Iraq, now has his own Twitter and Facebook pages.

Except that unlike the Bronx Zoo cobra and peacock, Smoke's accounts seem earnest and, well, real.

His Facebook page for example has become a fan page. Here's one from message from Deirdre Cline-Johnson that pretty exemplifies the feelings espoused all over his wall:

What joy you have brought to many. Thanks for meaning so much to those who serve far from home, so much ,they brought you home to share the joy with us all!

His Twitter page is just as earnest. Just look at his bio:

From Iraq. Now living in the US. I love meeting new people and enjoy eating carrots & apples. S/O to everyone who helped me get here and the US Marines.

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