A Smoke Detector Campaign in Pike County

Jan 23, 2013

Firefighters are prepared to install more than 200 smoke detectors in Pike County homes.  The 250 detectors were donated by a manufacturer.  The campaign follows the fire-related deaths earlier this month of a father and his four children.  Pike County Emergency Management Director Doug Tackett says that fatal house fire has many families wanting smoke detectors.  “I certainly hope that it will because we don’t want to see another tragedy like that again.  It’s really important that they get their smoke detectors and get them installed.  If it saves one life, the whole program will be worth everything,” said Tackett.

Tackett says interested Pike County residents should contact their local fire department. 

“If a person wants a smoke detector for their home, they’re supposed to contact their local fire department, who in turn will contact Randy Cortney, who’s the president of the firefighters association and he will distribute the detectors to the fire departments that have requests for them, and then the local fire department will have a volunteer firefighter that will go in and install the smoke detectors,” added Tackett.

Tackett suspects many rural homes lack working smoke detectors.  He says that’s probably especially the case in older houses in Pike County.