Slot Machine Opponents want Investigation

Sep 21, 2011

The Family Foundation, a conservative group that opposes expanded gambling, is asking Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway to investigate Instant Racing machines now online at Kentucky Downs. 

The Family Foundation is leading the charge against what it sees as an attempt to smuggle slot machines into Kentucky by circumventing the law. The Instant Racing games in question allow players to bet on old horse races without the names of the horses, jockeys or trainers. Kent Ostrander, executive director of the Family Foundation, says a Franklin Circuit Court ruling last year siding with Kentucky Downs is under appeal and the machines should go. 

"We are going to be asking the Attorney General to get involved with law enforcement as the law currently stands. No new law has been passed. No existing law has been changed. So there's no way that these electronic slot machines can be legal," Ostrander says. 

The Family Foundation held a press conference at the Capitol in Frankfort this afternoon to make the announcement. Ostrander says a final ruling on the appeal isn't expected until early next year.