Skating for the Invasion

Jun 21, 2013

Justin Cornett and Guy Duerson at the skate park
Credit Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Oil up those skateboard wheels as Lexington’s Woodland Skate Park becomes the home of an annual competition Friday.  A large group is once again anticipated for ‘Invasion 2013.’

Justin Cornett says you can find him every day at the Woodland Skate Park.  He was the only skater early Thursday, one day before the frenzy of ‘Invasion 2013.’  Cornett says he skated in the competition last year.  The event, which falls on the first day of summer, rolls out with a ‘game of skate.’

“It’s kind of like horse for basketball, but instead of shooting basketball, you do tricks on your skateboard,” said Cornett.

Cornett says the secret to success for a skateboard trick is doing it over and over.  He says you try it a hundred times until it happens.  Joining Cornett Thursday were Garvin Duerson and his young son, Guy.  Duerson says he skated in middle school and then took about a twenty year break.  Now, he’s back at it with his son. Duerson also helps out with something called ‘skate church.’

“We meet here on Sunday mornings and have a meal and fellowship and pray for each other and skate.  Then, the Cosmic Invasion is usually a pretty big event.  We just love to come out and serve the kids and be a positive influence out here and support skate boarding in the community,” said Duerson

For Duerson’s son Guy, it doesn’t take too much explaining to express why he likes to come out to the skate park.

“Because it’s really fast and it’s really fun. You can just go really fast and it’s just fun,” said Guy Duerson.

Guy says his favorite trick is something called an ‘axle stall.’  The Invasion 2013 schedule includes competition at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  The afternoon will conclude with a pro skate demonstration at Woodland Park.  The downtown park may not always be the home of the Invasion.  Skateboard enthusiasts are in the midst of raising money for a new skate park project along Buckhorn road in south Lexington.