Six Random Counties Selected for Audits

Six Kentucky counties have been chosen at random for mandatory, post-primary election audits. Attorney General Jack Conway conducted the drawing, and the counties chosen at random to be audited are Wolfe, Boyd, Muhlenberg, Nelson, Estill and Clark. Pendleton County was drawn before Clark, but disqualified, because it was audited in the previous election. Conway says investigators will now be dispatched to the six counties drawn.

"An audit, we go in and check the voting machines. We interview people in the clerk's office. We look for any irregularities. And we see basically where that takes us."

Because of light voter turnout, Conway doubts the audits will reveal many, if any, irregularities. Turnout just barely exceeded 10 percent in the primary. Conway says the election fraud hotline received only 12 calls - six on Election Day, plus six more later. But all of the calls will be followed-up.