Significant Water Event at Fayette County Courthouse

Oct 21, 2013


What’s being called a ‘broken toilet’ has shut down the Fayette Circuit Courthouse.  The leaky toilet was situated on the fourth floor.  Lexington Fire Battalion Chief Jeff Nantz says there were inches of water on all four floors.

“As much as water is our friend in the fire department, water can also do a lot of damage as well, so that’s a very nice building so, there’s a lot of areas in there where water if it setting for any length of time, would do some damage that would have to be repaired,” said Nantz.

It’s believed to have begun leaking Sunday night.  Fayette County features two separate court buildings downtown.  Nantz says it offers an opportunity to shift some activities next door.

"They're fortunate in Fayette County to be able to have somewhere else to move it.  It’s real disruptive and it can be confusing to the folks  coming to court as well, trying to figure out where they’re supposed to be now,” said Nantz.

Nantz says water damage in residential homes is fairly common, particularly when frozen pipes thaw and water starts flowing again.