Sheltering Options Being Reviewed

Mar 7, 2012

Certain Lexington area residents may be given options in the future when it comes to sheltering during severe weather.  Very few structures stand in the way of tornadoes.  But, certain residents are more at risk when severe weather blows through a community.  Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council member Bill Farmer asked that the issue be reviewed in committee.

“Lexington doesn’t have enough designated safe places…or places to send people when they want to leave their home to find a place safer than their home during a storm,” said Farmer.

Lexington mayor Jim Gray says it might be beneficial for certain people to move to another spot, well before the storm arrives.

“I think this is the issue in an extraordinary severe storm like we experienced…where to people go, especially manufactured having a plan in place…having alternatives and having direction on this is what’s so important,” said Gray.

.Public Safety Commissioner Clay Mason says large warehouse type structures are not necessarily a safe alternative.  He says the review will help determine if movement is even a feasible option.

“So we’ve got to look at what resources do we have in this community…that would be of such a quality nature that you’re not gonna to fear that you’re just bringing people into something that gonna put more people into harm’s way,” added Mason.

No recommendations are being made at this point.