Sewer Work Within the Big Picture

Apr 3, 2012

Until Lexington’s federally mandated overhaul of its sewer system is complete, city crews must apply band-aids when leaks are uncovered. This week, crews are sealing a raw sewage leak near the intersection of Star Shoot Parkway and Liberty Road.  Mark York is with the city’s Division of Environmental Policy.  “This section of the old force main is in operation because it continues to serve four smaller pump stations…and our plans are in the coming couple of years…to actually permanently abandon those pump we will also abandon this old sewer force main as well,” said York.

York says the 24-inch sewer line has a history of failures, including a  larger leak in 2009.   Alongside such repairs, Mark York says they’re making progress on a permanent solution.

“In the past year we’ve brought on line the Dixie Pump Station on the north end of Lexington and later this month.. we’ll also bring on line the new Deep Springs pump we’re making investments and improvements on our sanitary sewer system,” added York.

Lexington is in the midst of a decade-long sewer replacement project which will cost hundreds-of-millions of dollars.