Sewer Upgrades Promises to Snarl Lexington Traffic

Sep 16, 2013

Major sewer work starts over the next five years on a heavily traveled  roadway near the University of Kentucky.   It’s part of a $600-million sewer upgrade required by the federal government.  Water Quality Division Director Charlie Martin says they will replace a sewer pipe which runs along Euclid Avenue, between Upper Street and Tates Creek Road.

Credit Zen Sutherland / Flickr, Creative Commons

“That’s the sewer that collects a lot of things that come from (the University of Kentucky) and off downtown.  It’s undersized and it’s in bad shape.  It hasn’t been replaced because it’s gonna be hard,” said Martin.

Martin adds the Environmental Protection Agency must still approve the upgrades, but the city has decided it should proceed with the work.  He says it could save Lexington time and money, in the long run. 

“In some contexts, we’re still playing the game without the clock running.  But, we’re proceeding ahead with it, because we feel like that’s gonna give us some latitude in meeting deadlines that we could use hopefully in the end without exposing us to fines for failure to meet the deadlines,” added Martin.

This winter, traffic could be slowed along Harrodsburg Road near its intersection with Mason-Headley.  Work there could also impede access to the Saint Joseph Medical Complex.