Sewer Rate Options in Lexington

May 7, 2011

Officials in charge of fixing Fayette County’s sewer problems are discussing potential costs.   City officials are examining three different options with three different rate plans.

Urban county council members have a choice when it comes to cost.  Options are based on estimates for the largest rainfall total anticipated over a two, five or ten year period.  Council member Doug Martin wants specifics.

“But as we’re being asked to decide between a two and five and a ten year plan, I just need more information about what the difference between those are” said Martin.

Division of Water Quality director Charlie Martin told committee members the per month increase could range from 26 dollars to 41 dollars. He says council will be given a complete report before any plan goes to federal officials.

“I was trying to be clear that we will not send a plan to E-P-A that you all don’t get to see first because this is a huge commitment,” said Charlie Martin.

Residential flooding in some parts of Lexington has been an ongoing concern for decades.  Urban County Council member Bill Farmer says it’s important for there to be consensus this issue.

“This is a city that is in crisis as it relates to storm water and sanitary sewers and we’re gonna have to address it as a group and in unity.   Because if we don’t do it for ourselves, the E-P-A will make us do it and we have to get this job done,” added Farmer.

The city must send a report on repairs to the Environmental Protection Agency this fall. Improvements to the entire sewer system could take a decade to complete.