Senate Leader Confident of Timely Resolution for Budget, Other Priorities

Mar 3, 2014


The Kentucky Senate's majority floor leader anticipates a major difference in the budgets expected to emerge in the legislature during the next month.  House members will cast their votes first on a 20 billion dollar spending plan.


Senator Damon Thayer says many of his colleagues remain worried about the amount of debt contained in the governor’s recommendations, saying,  “Yes there will be borrowing in the budget, but the question is how much and what for."   House members are expected to cast their votes on a budget during the next week or so.  The Senate Majority Leader says the last month of the session still offers time for other priorities.  “But the budget is the biggest policy document that we pass. It is a blueprint on how we will spend 20 billion dollars of taxpayer funds over the next two years, and that takes a little more time.  There’s still plenty of time to consider the big issues that are still alive,” added Thayer.   House leaders have yet to make their mark on the budget plan.  That’s expected to happen during the next week.