Senate Acts on Public-Private Partnership Measure

Mar 27, 2014


The Kentucky General Assembly is working to further public-private partnerships when it comes to large expensive projects.  Legislation to assist in local and state projects has been approved by the state senate.

  Proponents say bringing in more private sector involvement is needed with dwindling federal and state tax dollars.  Warren Rodgers, a long time utility general contractor, supports the initiative.  

 "But the need for infrastructure goes on and every day we use our infrastructure and it wears out so we have to figure out creative ways to finance and fund that infrastructure," said Rodgers. Adrian Gilbert of the watchdog group "Take Back Kentucky" testified with concerns.  She believes citizens will ultimately pay the costs.   "Instead of our credit card taking the hit in Kentucky, it will be a private credit card.  The credit still has to be paid," said Gilbert. "The private citizens will be handed either a fee for the water sanitation district or the toll on the bridge or whatever like that." The House bill now goes back to the House for consideration of Senate changes.