Selling Fireworks During a Drought

Jun 28, 2012

While temperatures continue to heat up across Kentucky, so does anticipation regarding an annual mid-summer tradition. There are additional precautions being offered about Fourth of July activities.  Fireworks stands sit ready for Fourth of July customers all over the bluegrass region.  Amanda Dixon helps customers at one such sales tent in Lexington.  She says the blistering hot weather may keep a few patrons away during the heat of the day.  But, Dixon believes most fireworks fans will find a suitable time to set them off.

“I mean, if anything people will wait to set them off for better weather.. when they can, because you can’t have the fourth of July without fireworks,” said Dixon.

Burn bans are in place in many areas.   A fire official in Lexington says the ban there doesn’t prohibit the use of fireworks.  In Richmond, Vic Desimoe  helped with sales at a tent just off Interstate 75.  He says sales have been brisk. 

“What they are mainly worried about is cigarettes..if there are people throwing cigarettes out..that’s causing a lot of them..fireworks really don’t cause that many…if you watch when you’re shooting them off,..just be prepared,” said Desimoe.

Desimoe is helping run one of the 14 tents around central Kentucky owned by the Parker family from Tennessee.